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MIRROR MIRROR BRAND in partnership with DRY CLEAN ONLY Bangkok,

established a new jewellery line 'Dry Clean Only Bijoux' for Spring / Summer 2020.

The collection brings up the concept 'Upcycling' into the jewellery.

Used materials are back to life again in a fabulous shine.


Bottle top is cut and reformed with heat, creating a new form which gives a flowing feeling. Then, whirling the stone-set gold-plated brass into the spiral plastic part, the ring is ready. The ring can be worn with the plastic bottle, or separately.

Made from the top of beer can, the earrings are glamourised with delicate cubic zirconium stones set onto gold-plated frames and lids. They are casted in alloy brass, polished, and plated in matching shiny gold. Parts are neatly assembled to upcycle and raise the value of used materials.

Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 16.16.02.png
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